TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".

TUKLASAN 30/80 SOUVENIR PROGRAM now available!!

Excerpts from Tuklasan's 30/80 Souvenir Program Article: Father Jess – 80 years of God’s Amazing Grace by Job Pagsibigan DHS.

"Calling someone “God’s gift” has somewhat taken a conceited usage for some. But this is indeed the case of Fr. Jess who was indeed God’s gift to his mother.

Having lost two of her children prior to giving birth to Father Jess, the mother asked the Lord to

let Father Jess live and in exchange for this gift of life, she will offer her child back to God, hopefully to become a priest—a gift in exchange for another.

And that is how the fondest memory of Father Jess in all his 80 years has always been that of his own mother when he overheard her say to a relative that she goes to Naga, in Peñafrancia, every fiesta in order to pray for him—her youngest—to become a priest. And she was able to get that prayer of hers granted. Father Jess could now only imagine how it was like for her frail mother going to Peñafrancia, entering the church at four o’clock in the morning, just to be sure she would have a place inside to hear Mass......"

GET YOUR COPY NOW c/o the SECRETARIAT or through your Series Heads. or Text 0915-304-6674 c/o Sis. Badeth to reserve  your copy.

Proceeds of the sale of the Souvenir Program shall go to & Fr. Jess' and Tuklasan's charities. Please help by buying & not photocopying while at the same time enjoying the very nicely produced Souvenir Program.


 Tuklasan Newsletter is the Official Publcations of the Tuklasan Foundation Inc. under the Communications Ministry handled by Bro. Job & Sis. Gemma Pagsibigan. You may contact them at tuklasannews@yahoo.com.ph for your contributions, views, comments, & suggestions. They are now accepting writers, artists, & contributors.


The Communications Ministry is a group of highly-qualified & professional encountered couples who through the Tuklasan Newsletter have dedicated themselves towards promoting the objectives of the Tuklasan Foundation & communicating to the general membership Tuklasan's Thrusts & Policy Directions. 

Showcased in the newsletter are the individual Ministries’ & Series’ various activities, announcements, projects, etc. This promoted the Tuklasan culture, values, unity, & cooperation amongst the general membership. They have also covered momentous events of Tuklasan while regularly updating the membership by featuring each Series & Ministry.

A main feature of the newsletter is a portion devoted to member’s testimonies or witnessing that inspires the community & thereby glorifying the goodness of God.

For Tuklasan's fund-raising drive it offers to devote One Page of the Newsletter for Ads & other marketing services. On the other hand, it can also involve the Youth by devoting a corner for them provided of course if any Youth representative would offer to manage the corner for their benefit.

Besides the mundane task of the newsletter, the Communications Ministry has conducted Free Writing Seminars & Workshops.  Moreover,it also offers other Services like Brochures lay-outing, press releases writing  & other write-ups to support the marketing efforts of the various Series & Ministries in promoting their services & activities.

SERVANT LEADERS (2011-2013):

Chaircouple: John-Nette Aroa, E-mail: jcaroa@yahoo.com, mobile: 0918 801 1500

Co-Chaircouple: Job-Gemma Pagsibigan, E-mail:gpagsibigan@yahoo.com, gpagsibigan@newtrends.com.ph ;mobile:0920 910 3569

Co-Chaircouple: Buboy-Bing Oliva, E-mail: mt_carmel@yahoo.com, mobile: +639164515659


Editor- in-chiefs: Job & Gemma Pagsibigan (DHS)

News Editors: Anton-Lani Umali (DHS)                  

Features Editors: Ding – Madel Madrid (AZ-Pagpapahayag)          

Creative Managers: Marboy-Tin Sayno (DHS), Smack-Bobbit Amigo (Immanuel), Norman-Rasel Tioco (AZ-Pagkakaisa)

Production Managers: Buboy-Bing Oliva (DHS)


Website Development Managers: John- Nette Aroa (AZ-Pagkakaisa)


 Managers: Temporalities Ministry Members