TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".

Education Ministry

Couples who attended the ME Weekend Seminars are attached and identify themselves to the presenting couples who are popularly known as "Team Couples" in the ME world. The way they present their life stories, the sequencing, impact and the proper delivery of talks of the Team Couples play a great role in the success of every ME Weekend Seminar. Mesmerized by the presenters, the listeners (ME Candidates) could not help but ask": Where did this people learn how to narrate their own passion, death and resurrection as effective as they are doing?

The role of the Tuklasan Education Mnistry is to train Team Couples. It is not an easy task. The Education Ministry envisions making available to the Series of Tuklasan sufficient number of qualified, well-trained and properly equipped team Couples to bring about to conversion to Christ an individual, couples or families participating in any program of Tuklasan using the charism that is unique and special to the ME Apostolate.

Writing a talk is like writing a thesis about one's life and experiences in marital relationship. The approach is psycho-emotional with spiritual trimmings. Recruitment of Team Couples is done through a process of selection wherein the soon to be Team Couples are invited to a seminar conducted by the Education Ministry. From among the attendees in the seminar rise those who heed to the call of the Lord in the apostolate. Prospective Team Couples are asked to write their piece based on the format provided. Thereafter is a long process of editing and re-writing until the desired output is attained. Supervision is on a one-on-one basis. Members of the Education Ministry assigned to supervise the training of a particular couple share their limitless time and efforts to ensure that the quality of talks and the manner of delivery are within the high standards set for Team Couples.

In response to the clamor to upgrade the managerial & leadership skills of the elders of the various Tuklasan Series, the Education Ministry also came out with a course on Shepherding which centers on specific areas that require sharing of insights and ideas aimed towards improving reunions, study of hindrances to reunions and how to draw up attendance to reunions, qualifications of Shepherd Couples and Shepherding functions.

SERVANT LEADERS (2011-2013):

  1. Boy – Belle Aranas- CHAIRMAN
  2. John- Nitz Calamiong-CO-CHAIRMAN
  3. Oliver-Dhang Sta. Ana
  4. Abner-Bella Reyes         


A shepherding seminar was held last July 26 at the St. Vincent School of Theology in Tandang Sora, Q.C for the St. Camilus series conducted by Bro. John Calamiong. 


 "Shepherding Seminar" for AZ Pagpapahayag was held  last June 27 (Sunday), 8-5 PM at the National  Printing Office, NIA Rd, Quzon City with the Education Ministry, lead by Bro John and Sis Nitz Calamiong, Bro. Boy-sis Belle Aranas and other ministry members.  

This is a project under President Couple Rolan & Mayette met with the Education Ministry which they comitted to when the group met last June 5 AM at the office of Bro. John Calamiong in TUP Taguig City to discuss the Education Ministry's programs and schedules of seminars. 
They identified the need of many of the series to help them further strengthen their shepherding of their  new members especially the newly graduated M.E couples. The Shepherding will help couples identify their roles and how to tap their enthusiasm to serve the community after the  Marriage Encounter Weekend (MEW).