TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".

Family Encounter Ministry

Truly indeed, Marriage Encounter has changed the lives of couples who took the ME Weekend Seminar and became active to the apostolate. The empowered relationship of ME graduates transform to be the core of a Christian family living under the graces of God. The blessings of the newfound way of life do not limit to husbands and wives alone. There are children whoa are also part of the family which also need to heal their own wounds inflicted during the turbulent days of the "unencountered" married life of ME couples.

It is under this light that the FAMILY ENCOUNTER came into being. Just like the ME Weekend, it is a three (3) days of interaction between parents and children... three (3) wonderful days of discovery and awareness of each other's feelings. The experience transforms the suppressed pains and sufferings of the participants into glorious awakening to the wonders and beauty of the dynamics of family relationship.

Parents are willing to spend their last penny for the good of their children. They send them to the best schools and work hard to give their children worldly things, which they think, could give them happiness. Parents do not understand their children anymore but the worst part is that children are also in the same level of misconception of the things around them. We have before us families thinking (kinder word for pretending) that everything is alright but deep within, the family is composed of broken fragments of blames, accusations, fear, hatred, guilt, anger, suspicion and condemnation which could all be summarized in one result: CONFUSION. In the midst of confusion, can we expect harmonious relationship in any family?

The Family Encounter is designed to bring each and every member of the family to their own uniquely good and original self... the true self than got lost somewhere in the wilderness of day-to-day family relationship. It is the best gift, which any couple could give to their family. The Family Encounter Ministry conducts F.E. Sponsorship at least two (2) times per year during school breaks or summer vacation. Usual venue is the Ephpheta Retreat House in Hermosa Bataan.

While there is some semblance of truth to the allegation that it is very hard to convince the children of married couples to participate in the seminar, the other bigger reason lies on the preparedness of parents to "encounter" their children in an open field of Family dialogue where false pride and mind set locked to traditional practices must be set aside. Experience reveals that the fear to go out of their shell and face the consequences of what is real and what is truth is more prevalent to parents rather than to the children.


  1. Abner – Belle Reyes- CHAIRMAN
  2. Lito – Leah Fernando- CO -CHAIR
  3. Boy – Belle Aranas  
  4. Domeng-Tita Soriano