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"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".

The 30/80 Souvenir Program Editors' Notes

A JOURNEY to loving and serving the Lord!


We came-up with this

souvenir program’s theme.

It was easy. You just need to take-off where  you left from last year.

But it’s just the same as last year’s?  Exactly.

Because it’s a journey.

When you take a bus going

to Baguio, you don’t expect

the driver to change the

sign half-way through the

trip. Our destination then

stays the same as last year.

Actually, it stayed the same

the last 30 years.

And on our 30th anniversary, new ones

have boarded the Tuklasan bus.

What bigger news than we now have a

new bus driver himself. We welcome

Fr. Aloysius Maranan as our new Chairman,

handpicked by no less than our founder,

Fr. Jess, who now serves as our Spiritual


There has been a reshuffling of seats too.

We congratulate our new set of officers led by

our President Couple Bro. Nick and Marlene Aquino who together with the rest of their

ministry heads are determined to make our

trip more eventful and enjoyable. Indeed,

expect rough roads ahead, even bad weather

along the way but (as the white envelope has

long said to the stamp) “just stick with us & we will go places.”

In putting together this souvenir

program, we personally heard from Fr. Jess

how Tuklasan has brought him to so many

places and met countless different people all

throughout. And you guessed it right, his 80

years is summed-up as truly “loving and

serving the Lord.” That’s what you get we you

plan your trip way ahead

(especially when your mother has something to do with the planning.)


For this humble

publication, the editors

would like to offer their

heartfelt thanks to all our

writer contributors. We

thank Bro. Jones Campos

for coming-up with the idea

of asking people about their

experiences with Fr. Jess.

That puts more fun in

flipping through 90 pages

of pure labor of love publishing.

In the long arduous

days of completing all the articles, we had a

record visit of 3X to Fr. Jess (before, once

would be enough). On our third visit, Fr. Jess

handed to us an article about a distant place

touched by Tuklasan. Our sector has reached

as far as Kiribati, an island nation located in

the central Pacific Ocean. Read about the

inspiring story inside.

Lastly, allow us to express our admiration

for outgoing President Couple Bro. Rolan and

Sis Mayette Lorenzo for their exceptional

love and service to our sector. My wife and I

bear witness to their heart-warming style of


To all of you now who are holding this

souvenir program, may each of the pages

attest to how our encountered couples under

Tuklasan continue to love and serve the Lord.

Ours is a huge bus with an infinite capacity

for more and more people. May we remain

committed to our destination.


A blessed 30/80 celebration to us all!

Job –Gemma Pagsibigan, DHS

Tuklasan Communications Ministry

30/80 Souvenir Program

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