TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".


Headed by Meynard & Truds Garcia the Tuklasan Service Ministry is regularly conducting Healing and Counseling Seminars open to all Series of Tuklasan.  Level 1 Seminars are regularly conducted with participants from among the different Series of Tuklasan.

The module is a product of years of studies and actual counseling experiences. It is specifically designed for the members of the different Series of Tuklasan to further enhance their spiritual and psychological growth. Aside from the internal healing which the participants attain, they are also trained in the Art and Science of Counseling, which they can use to their own families as well as to the members of their respective Series.

The Service Ministry has trained speakers for the topics and subjects of the seminar. The following are the topics / subjects and the trained lectures handling them:

1.    Mask and Traumas - (deals on the Programs of the False Self, Denials and Abuses, Emptiness, Apathy and Depression). Source of Emotional Programs - Nitz Baquiran (deals on the deprivation of the 5 A's, And Its Effect to Human Behavior namely: Affection, Acceptance, Approval, Appreciation and Affirmation

2.    Contamination to Adult Self - (deals on Co-Dependence, Offender Behavior, Narcissistic Disorder, Trust Issues, Acting-in and Acting-out, Magical Beliefs, Non-Disciplined Behavior, Addictive Compulsive Behavior and Thought Distortion).

3.    Stages of Crisis - (deals on the Stages of Crisis, Anatomy of Relationship Conflict, and Attainment of Personal Power).

4.    Geanogram - (deals on the Relationship of Genes and Chromosomes to Human Behavior).

5.    Power Struggle - (deals on Power Struggle, Control Dramas, Life Purpose and the Universal Positive Force).

6.    Counseling Principles and Techniques - (deals on the Why's and How's of counseling. The session is sufficient enough to produce counselors from participants who have the apt to become counselors).

On seminars organized for different Series, (inter-series) the venue is subsidized by Tuklasan. The members of the Service Ministry (lecturers) render free services as part of their apostolate. Attendance is free of charge. Participants are required to bring their own lunch for the 2 days seminar (stay-out).

On seminars organized exclusively for a particular Series, the organizing Series shall shoulder cost of food and venue.

Te Service Ministry regularly announces the schedule for Inter-Series Healing & Counseling Seminars. Any Series desiring to have their own Healing and Counseling Seminar exclusively for their members may contact Truds Garcia at the following telephone numbers: 658-2467, 658-2414, 658-2089.


  1. Meynard - Truds Garcia- CHAIRMAN
  2. Boboy – Bing Oliva- CO-CHAIRMAN
  3. Sonny – Nitz Bacquiran
  4. Manny – May Ramos
  5. Louie – Ting Enriquez
  6. Rudy-Glo Mariano
  7. Dicksey Villanueva