TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".


Like any organization, Tuklasan needs funds for its sustenance. The funds of Tuklasan are intended for its day-to-day operations. The organization maintains an office operating under a well-planned and duly approved budget. Tuklasan is not an income generating organization. That is the reason why it is engaged in Fund raising activities to finance its operations. On this, the Temporalities Ministry takes the center stage.

The Temporalities Ministry generates funds for Tuklasan through various fund raising programs, among which are Bingo Socials, Raffle Draws, Premier Showing of Good Movies, Sponsoring of Concerts and etc. One of the biggest activities for the purpose is  the annual staging of the Golf Tournament.

The culture of Tuklasan expects that the Series are to be self-sufficient in funding their own activities i.e. ME Weekend Seminars, Prayer Meetings, Reunions,Outreach, etc. Hence, the Series do not expect Tuklasan to subsidize their activities on the Series level because if that would be so, even the accumulated total funds of Tuklasan after long years of fund-raising activities would not last for more than three months. The funds of Tuklasan generated by the projects of the Temporalities Ministry are managed professionally and are duly allocated to maintain the organization.

While some portion of the Tuklasan funds could be allocated as subsidy for the projects of the various ministries, the unwritten rule is that the Ministries should endeavor to be self-sufficient in raising funds for their particular projects. Tuklasan only comes in to provide subsidy on situations that after the ministry has exhausted its best, it still lacks the necessary funds for projects that will serve the entire organization.

Understandably, the Tuklasan Series is already moving heaven and earth to finance their activities. That is a laudable effort recognized by Tuklasan. That is the reason why the Temporalities Ministry has to come out with fund raising that would involve individuals, companies and organizations outside Tuklasan (i.e. the golf tournament). The effort should not be misconstrued as freeing the Series from the responsibility of supporting the fund raising programs of the organization. Great bulk of the fund raising activities still rest on the Series Level, who more than anybody else, are expected to lend a helping hand. After all, the income generated from these fund raising activities shall be returned to the Series in terms of services (training of Team Couples, Shepherd Couples and other seminars conducted by different Tuklasan Ministries. 

SERVANT LEADERS (2011-2013): 

  1. Chito – Bumbum Canlas- CHAIRMAN
  2. Morris - Liz Agoncillo- CO-CHAIRMAN
  3. Kit-Belen Guevara
  4. Aries – Lulu Polumbarit

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