TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".

Thrusts, Programs, Policy Directions


Thrusts, Programs, Policy Directions

July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2013 

I. Strengthen Tuklasan As An Organization  Promote Camaraderie and Cooperation Instill Solidarity and Bayanihan Spirit

    1. To establish a duly organized and synchronized year round Calendar  of Activities to prevent the overlapping of Major Tuklasan projects with the activities sponsored by Ministries / Series;

    2. To initiate a more accelerated and aggressive campaign to encourage series  members to actively participate in Tuklasan major activities such as:

  • -Youth Sportfest / Family day         
  • - Foundation Day / Fr. Jess Birthday
  • - Christmas Party                   
  • - Prayer Meetings
  • - Annual Planning Conference         
  • - Fund Raising Activities

3. To maintain a harmonious and closer relationship among the Board / Execom Officers with the various Series and Ministry heads.

     a. Encourage the attendance of Ministry and series head in Execom and Board Meetings.

     b. Regular visitation by Execom officers in the marriage encounter  weekend seminar sponsored by various series.

     c. Execom officers to attend the General Assembly and Prayer meeting  conducted by various series.

 4.  To reorganize, invigorate and improve our Communication and Publication Ministry.

      a.Tuklasan newsletter should be published  and distributed to members  regularly.

      b. Maintain the Tuklasan Website and SMS domain.

       c. The secretariat should help the Communication Ministry conduct a regular and timely dissemination of Tuklasan activities and other vital information to Series and Ministry heads.

II.  Maintain Accelerate and Strengthen Spiritual Formation and Deepening

1.     To encourage members of different series to attend the weekly prayer meetings sponsored by Tuklasan.

2.     To provide incentives and plaque of recognition to series whose members have shown a consistent good attendance on weekly Tuklasan prayer meetings.

3.     To encourage Tuklasan members to attend Catholic Formation seminars,  retreats, recollections, prayer meeting and other religious undertakings.

4.     To inspire Tuklasan members to undergo Training on Christian Preaching and other similar spiritual activities.

5.     To tap Tuklasan in-house speakers in CLSS, Healing and Counselling,  Shepherding, Servant Leadership, Prayer meetings, and other spiritual   development seminars.

6.     To conduct a regular outreach program geared towards helping the less  fortunate members of our society, such as the poor families residing in squatters communities, home for the orphaned / abandoned children. home for the aged and similar institutions.

III.      Strengthen and Improve Tuklasan Financial Position

1.     To pursue vigorously the holding of the various fund raising activities to  make and transform Tuklasan  financially stable, viable and independent.

2.     To encourage Series Heads and Ministry Heads to conduct and initiate their  own Fund raising activities.

3.     To intensify the collection of the unpaid annual dues of the various series of Tuklasan.

4.     To continue the regular Tithing among the Execom Officers, Ministry     Heads, Series Heads and Members.

5.     To improve the financial management system of Tuklasan such as proper recording of the collection and disbursement, maintaining of corporate     books and ledger and periodic audit of our books of account.

IV.    Institutionalized the Basic Management Supervision and Controls

1.     To prepare and submit regular annual operating budget of Tuklasan and the various ministries.

2.     To prepare and submit the regular plans and programs of the various ministries.

3.     To conduct a regular assessment and evaluation of the plans and projects conducted by the various ministries and initiate viable solutions to any problems that may arise.

4.     To update and modernize the records keeping and filling system in the Tuklasan main office.

V.  Strengthen the implementation of the existing and continuing programs     

1.  To work for the immediate reinstatement of the SEC registration of  Tuklasan.

2.  To pursue the registration of the Tuklasan credit cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

3.  Create a committee to develop a Standard Tuklasan logos, banners, brochures and manualization of protocol.

4.  To standardize the presentation of the administrative talk conducted in every M.E Weekend seminar using a video or power point presentation.

5.  To conduct a continuing training and development seminars for Team Couples and encourage them to actively participate in major Tuklasan activities.      

6.  To enhance the public image and perception of Tuklasan through the issuance of regular press release in the newspapers, radio and TV Programs.

VI. Future Plans and Endeavors

1.  To establish an official Tuklasan Choir/ Ministry, to perform in all Tuklasan major affairs and to act as the official Tuklasan representative in the MEFP festival of songs.

2.  To provide free Tuklasan vests to Team Priest, Team Couples, Ministry Heads and Series Heads.

3.  To create an official Tuklasan Team in various sports group such as in Basketball, Bowling, Badminton, etc.

4.  After more than 30 years, we should now focus and set our sight in the construction of a permanent Tuklasan Retreat House and Training Center.