TUKLASAN FOUNDATION INC. a marriage encounter community

"The primary goal of Tuklasan is to promote and propagate the Family Life Apostolate, in line with the objectives and plans of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, focusing on the grassroots level of Philippine society".


The Tuklasan Youth Ministry invites everyone to a FREE BUFFET DINNER entitled, "Salo salo sa iisang Natatanging Gabi." on November 26, 2011 at Taste Asia in Mall of Asia!

 For more information, contact the Tuklasan secretariat.

Tuklasan Youth Ministry

From a community of encountered couples, the Marriage Encounter Movement is extending its wings to address relative needs of the family. The changes that occurred in the families of ME couples do not limit to marital relationship. Said changes transcend to the children who are the main beneficiaries of the experiences of the new life that come to their family.

To help children cope up with the wonders of the new realities in their family lives, the Tuklasan Youth Ministry was formed. The objective of the Youth Ministry is to provide the tools and the venue for children of ME couples to live a Christian way of life. The Youth have their own wounds, traumas, and questions and framed beliefs, which need to interact with their fellow youth and learn from the experiences of others. They need an "encounter" with themselves and with the Lord to determine what is real from fantasy and to appreciate the world, which God gave them. Their excess energy must also be shifted to something spiritual and something productive. They have to attain comprehensible wisdom and Christian values, which will be their tools and weapons as they face reality and the challenges of life. Above all, they should realize their role in building a happy and Christ centered community within their respective families.

Along this line, the Youth Ministry of Tuklasan has come out with the following program and activities:

1.    Youth Encounter - in coordination with CFM and UGAT

2.    Day with the Lord - a spiritual retreat for boys

3.    Dates with the Lord - a spiritual retreat for girls

4.    Youth Empowerment / LSS and GSS

In addition, the Youth Ministry has programs for the youth namely:
Sports fest, Art and Talent Competition, Social and Spiritual Development of the children of ME Couples.

SERVANT LEADERS (2011-2013):


  1. Bro. Herman & Sis. Anching Gamboa- CHAIRMAN
  2. Bro. Ding & Sis. Marlene Soriano- CO CHAIRMAN
  3. Bro. Dicksey Villanueva 
  4. Bro. Joy  & Sis. Badette Caballero
  5. Bro. Ollie & Sis. Avic Onate
  6. Bro. Henry & Sis. Tess Simbre
  7. Bro. Joeven & Sis. Monette Fabie

"JAM" Jesus and Me Seminar

The 2010 JAM seminar was succesfully conducted last April 27-29, 2010 at the Sta. Monica Retreat House in Tagaytay City.